Cycling trophies made with care

You’ve worked hard this year. We think you should be proud of that. Our mission is to help people celebrate their 2023 story, through their personal data. If you're looking back on your year - the cold mornings, those grueling climbs, that one crazy weekend where you pushed yourself over the limit - and find meaning in that journey, then this Keepshape is for you.

Your cycling year, brought to life.

Your handmade Keepshape brings your personal data to life. No two Keepshapes are ever the same.

Your Keepshape is handmade to bring your personal data to life.

Reflect on a year well done.

From your biggest ride to your most consistent weekday, Keepshape celebrates all your effort in 2023.

Your cycling journey through 2023.

Personalized just for you.

You’ve already done all the hard work. You climbed those hills. Covered those miles. Put watts into pedals. Now commemorate all that: Using the data that you captured through your rides, Keepshape is a monument to that story.

Detail of Keepshape trophy.

Crafted with purpose.

We aim to help fellow cyclists celebrate 2023 through making personalized trophies by hand, using only high-quality materials and a painstaking attention to detail.

Celebrate your data.

Behind the scenes

Made by cyclists, for cyclists

We obsess over the details. Every cyclist has a story, and we painstakingly transmute that experience into a high-quality art piece that instantly evokes a deep sense of accomplishment.

3D model created with your Strava data

Your data is transformed into a skyline, where each “building” is shaped by the distance travelled each day. Every drop of sweat is now a building block in your Keepshape.

Keepshape models

Machine printed so it's uniquely yours

Every Keepshape is 100% unique, as it tells a meaningful story written by the owner's effort.

Keepsshape 3D printer

Laser-etched with precision

Your stats for the year, forever embossed on a hard maple base.

Keepshape laser machine

Hand sanded and finished with care

The experience you have when holding your Keepshape is impossible to put into words, so we won’t even try.

Keepshape finishing

Keepshape Specifications

The hard maple base is precision laser-engraved, creating a one-of-a-kind item for each cyclist. Then it is hand-sanded and finished with natural oil, producing a premium feel and elegant look that is guaranteed to start conversations.

Designed and assembled in Canada
Hard maple base with a PLA+ data skyline
Width: 7.5" (19 cm)
Depth: 2.1" (5.3 cm)
Height: 3.0" (7.6 cm)
Hand-sanded and finished with natural oil
Your handmade 2023 cycling trophy
Grain and color vary with each item

Celebrate your 2023 cycling year.